Interview with Tech-Clarity and Novo Nordisk On The Case For Quality For Quality For Medical Device Manufacturers

The medical device industry faces heavy regulations, and for good reason. With lives at stake, patient safety is of the highest importance.

Failure to adhere to FDA, EU, and other standards and regulations leads to embarrassing and costly product recalls. The case for quality and compliance is critical. Your profits, and indeed your company, are on the line.

Listen to Lisbeth Sivertsen, expert at Novo Nordisk for product quality strategy and Michelle Boucher, Vice President for Research at Tech-Clarity discuss current industry trends.

The interview also covers:

  • The Case for Quality and how manufacturers bridge current gaps.
  • How manufacturers should respond to rigid global regulations and authorities including FDA, ISO, and Japanese regulations.
  • Novo Nordisk’s approach to the case for quality and the move from a document to a product centric approach.