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What Does PTC Offer for Automated 2D Drawing Creation

PTC’s solutions for automated 2D drawing creation return time and money to your product development process while streamlining your workflow and reducing stress. Our solutions give you the ability to think rapidly and constantly as if on paper, lay out schematic diagrams which can serve as the basis for the 3D models, or iterate on 2D designs before moving to 3D model creation. The end result is a better product designed at less cost with accurate, easily available documentation for downstream users.

Creo Sketch: Set your primary ideas down in minutes and then share them with suppliers, customers and coworkers. Better still, it’s free!

Creo Layout: This standalone application lets you create 2D conceptual designs and reuse them as the foundation for 3D models in Creo Parametric.

Creo Schematics: This standalone application gives you a complete set of 2D schematic design tools for documenting electrical, cabling, piping, HVAC and hydraulic systems. Creo Schematics drives the creation of the 3D design in Creo Parametric and ensures adherence to the logic defined in the schematics.

Downloadable Datasheets

Creo Sketch Datasheet

Creo Schematics Datasheet

Creo Layout Datasheet

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Creo Parametric bietet leistungsstarke, intuitive 3D-CAD-Funktionen speziell für Ihre Anforderungen in der Produktentwicklung. Testen Sie es 30 Tage lang – KOSTENLOS.

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