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Controlling Product Data

Types of Information Managed

In the last topic, you learned where information is stored in Windchill PDMLink. Now we review the types of information you can manage.

Products and libraries manage the following types of information:

  • A document describes something about the product such as specifications, requirements, plans, or other materials.

  • A part is a component or assembly item that describes some portion of the overall product.

  • A serialized part has no children and is identified with a unique serial number when it is assembled into an instance of a product (also identified by a serial number) that is delivered to a customer.

  • An end item represents a top-level part of a product that is typically sold or delivered to a customer.

  • A baseline is a record of a set of parts and document versions within a specific configuration. Baselines describe a product at a specific stage of design or design milestone, and can be used to report BOM structures.

  • A link is a hyperlinked reference to other information in a Windchill PDMLink system or available on the Web.

You can create and update parts, end items, and documents using traditional checkin and checkout operations. Baselines and links are updated and are not controlled by version.

Two key processes for managing information in Windchill PDMLink are determining its completion (or release) and managing revisions. These processes are facilitated by change management, which links information about objects in the system with the specific business processes for managing their development.

A fundamental concept for managing change is controlling the objects before, during, and after these processes.

Next, you learn how to designate and manage information within Windchill PDMLink.

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