To Modify a Table Pattern by Editing its Tables

  1. Click Edit > Pattern Table. The TABLES dialog box opens. The TABLES dialog box shows all of the modifiable pattern tables in the current active object. The active object can be the top-level assembly, a subassembly, a part, or a feature. You can change the active object by using the active object menu. Depending on the active object selected, you may be required to make a selection on the screen (for example, in a part, if the active object is feature, you must select a feature that belongs to a table driven pattern).

  2. Use icons at the bottom of the dialog box to modify the table pattern as follows:

  1. If you want to save the changes and continue working with the TABLES dialog box, click Apply. To finish and save changes to the pattern tables, click OK. To cancel and remove any changes press Cancel.

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