Blueprints and Feasibility Studies for Enterprise IoT (Part 2 of 2)

Blueprints and feasibility studies for Enterprise IoT (Part 2 of 2)

Machina Research, April 2015

Blueprints And FeasabilityThe Internet of Things promises new opportunities for enterprises to increase market share, reduce costs, and expand revenue. But companies can't simply "drop IoT" into a product and reap the benefits.

Multiple domains of technology, from enterprise systems and devices to service layers and cloud solutions, must be assembled and configured. While each organization will require a unique architecture to meet its opportunities, every enterprise will need to weigh the relative importance of three critical IoT areas: scalability, agility and flexibility. And because each organization differs, Machina has prepared a feasibility assessment that allows organization to rate their IoT readiness, opportunities and challenges.

Read this white paper authored by Machina Research to identify respective technical requirements, critical capabilities and IoT feasibility.

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