Creo View Express and Your Upgrade Options

Most manufacturers use a variety of tools for creating digital products, from 2D and 3D CAD, ECAD, and desktop applications. However, many people inside and outside the company need to view and interrogate that information, which means that high-performing, easy-to-use visualization tools are now indispensable.

If you’re currently using our free-for-life Creo View Express viewer, there’s a wide range of options you can buy to increase its capabilities and benefits:

To recap, PTC offers a range of viewing solutions, from our free-for-life Creo View Express viewer, to lightning-fast and ultra-scalable viewers that enable you to quickly and easily view, section, explode, mark up and measure the broadest range of formats:

  • Creo View MCAD - share and visualize 3D CAD information, including models and assemblies, in and outside the organization - no matter what the authoring CAD system. Learn more.
  • Creo View ECAD – share and visualize PCB data from all major EDA tools, as well as drawings and documents. Learn more.
  • Creo View Lite – provide marketing, management, sales and all other non-engineering users single click access to 3D models, drawings, images and documents. Learn more.