Adidas Group Achieves Strategic Collaboration with PLM

adidas Group Achieves Strategic Collaboration with PLM

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Hear CIO Emeritus and Head of Enterprise Architecture Global IT at adidas Group, Peter Burrows, describe the company’s implementation of a Retail PLM solution that has allowed for strategic collaboration across the multi-brand, multi-product type, customer-focused organization.

Learn more about comprehensive, preconfigured Retail PLM and how you can transform the way your retail value chain collaboratively plans, designs, develops and sources products.

Adidas Group is a global company that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories, employing more than 46,000 people in over 160 countries. They produce a vast number of products, including many different lines and seasons. With a complex portfolio of products, adidas wants to keep things simple.

A big step towards achieving this simplicity has been implementing a single system to support many of their business processes, including a single repository for materials management. By moving from Excel to a comprehensive PLM solution, adidas now has a single source of information and visibility into product, supplier, and regulatory information across all regions.

Implementing PLM has also helped adidas accelerate their time to market, from product development through in-store delivery. As market and consumer demands increase and the number seasons and styles expand, adidas has made reducing time to market and production a focus. They have been able to meet these targets without reducing product quality and enhance their overall supply chain agility through better visibility and earlier and continuous involvement with merchandising, design and product development.

adidas Group: Company-Wide Collaboration
High-Performance Innovation with PLM  (PDF)