Core 3D CAD Capabilities

PTC offers a comprehensive set of core 3D CAD capabilities available in all of our software packages:

3D Part & Assembly Design
  • Create precise geometry, regardless of model complexity
  • Quickly build robust engineering features such as rounds, chamfers, holes, and more
  • Create design variants using family tables
  • Smarter, faster assembly modeling performance
  • Static and dynamic interference detection
Automated 2D Drawing Creation & Update
  • Create 2D and 3D drawings according to international standards, including ASME, ISO and JIS
  • Automate the creation of drawings with templates
  • Automatically create associative bill of materials (BOM) with balloon notes
Breakthrough multi-CAD data exchange (Unite Technology)
  • Work with a number of standard file formats including STEP, IGES, DXF, STL, VRML, AutoCAD DWG, DXF (import of 3D with associated 2D), ACIS import/export, Parasolid import/export
  • Using Unite technology, convert data from other CAD systems including: CATIA®, Siemens® NX™, SolidWorks®, Autodesk Inventor®, and Solid Edge®
  • Incorporate non-PTC Creo data directly into your designs without creating additional business objects or files to manage
Parametric & Freestyle Surfacing
  • Develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, extends, offsets, and a variety of other specialized features
  • Quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces using sub-divisional modeling capabilities
  • Multilevel subdivisional modeling for more control over the surface, enabling finer detailing without altering the existing shape
  • Parametrically control Freestyle geometry by aligning to existing curves or edges with tangency control
Assembly Management & Performance Tools
  • Load large assemblies quickly using lightweight representations
  • Create simplified representations ‘on-the-fly’
  • Share lightweight yet fully accurate model representations using the unique Shrinkwrap™ tool
Sheet Metal Design
  • Easily create walls, bends, punches, flanges, forms, and reliefs using the streamlined user interface
  • Automatically generate flat patterns from 3D geometry
  • Dynamically preview formed and flattened sheetmetal designs simultaneously
  • Easily convert solid parts to sheetmetal
  • Simply define sheetmetal design parameters, e.g. bend allowances
Mechanism Design
  • Create mechanical connections
  • Validate the kinematic motion of your design
  • Establish motion envelopes to detect and avoid interferences
Plastic Part Design
  • Comprehensive analysis tools including draft and 3D thickness evaluation
  • Mold filling simulation capabilities
  • Integrated measurement tools
Structural Framework & Weld Design
  • Optimized user interface for the structural framework design process
  • Extract valuable information from the model, such as mass properties, clearances, interferences, and cost data
  • Easily produce complete 2D weld documentation
Realistic Rendering & 3D Animation
  • Create accurate, realistic images of products quickly, while rendering even the largest assemblies
  • Shade with reflections for displaying different material classes such as metal, glass, paint, and plastic
  • Create assembly/disassembly animations directly from the modeling environment
Direct Modeling (Flexible Modeling)
  • Make changes to PTC Creo data regardless of design intent
  • Modify non-PTC Creo data regardless of origin (Solidworks, STEP, etc…)
  • Recognize rounds, chamfers, patterns and symmetry on imported geometry
  • Create or recreate design intent and record edits as features
Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Define settings for multiple 3D printers
  • Position, scale and show a clipped view of the 3D model and support material on the printer tray
  • Quickly perform 3D printability checks and easily correct identified issues
  • Print parts and assemblies, define surface finishes, materials, colors and calculate build and support material directly from PTC Creo using a Stratasys Connex printerCreate or recreate design intent and record edits as features
Performance Advisor
  • Provides insight into PTC Creo environment health with configurable dashboard
  • Proactively provides approved solutions to identified issues
  • User friendly dashboard configurable for your environment
  • Review PTC Creo performance through hardware, product, and individual user views
  • 3 complementary licenses of a PTC University e-learning account with the “Introduction to Creo Parametric” course included
  • 40 hours of content, short, easy to absorb lessons
  • Easily upgradeable to the complete PTC Creo e-learning library
  • Works seamlessly with Learning Connector to provide context sensitive support to new users within PTC Creo user interface

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