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Most manufacturers want to generate more concept designs so that they can explore more options and introduce more innovative products—but they don’t necessarily have the extra time to produce more ideas.

Now, a PTC Concept Design study has uncovered opportunities for getting more with less. It turns out that a major barrier to better concept design is too much technology. Manycompanies use a variety of tools and approaches to capture concept designs, but often those tools aren’t compatible with the company’s major CAD system. So a designer uses one software for concept design and then switches to another for detailed design.

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That leads to inefficiencies and redundancy. CAD data needs to be recreated, translation problems arise, and design intent is easily lost. The result? Less time to invest in generating and sharing new ideas.

Good news: PTC Creo provides integrated solutions for concept design and detailed design that can maximize the number of concepts you explore and save you from recreating designs.

PTC Creo’s Concept Design Solutions

2D Sketching

To simply sketch out your ideas, as if on paper, use PTC Creo Sketch. It’s a free, convenient standalone app that also includes color and special effects—so you can turn your digital drawing into a work of finished art.

2D Conceptual Engineering

Many teams use 2D tools for conceptual engineering and then move to a 3D model for their final deliverables. This is common in machine designs that feature an axis of symmetry, such as engines, turbines, and rotors. With PTC Creo Layout, teams can work in 2D and seamlessly transition 2D concepts to 3D models in PTC Creo Parametric.

PTC Creo Parametric 能借助直观的自由造型建模功能打造个性化的设计

利用 PTC Creo Parametric 中的自由造型建模功能,用户将能够快速创建自由造型的形状和曲面, 完成简单或复杂形状的概念设计.

Flexible or Direct Modeling

New concepts are rarely “new.” More often they’re offshoots or modifications of previous designs. That’s where direct modeling software can pay off.  PTC Creo offers a flexible modeling approach for editing existing geometry quickly and easily—without worrying about design constraints.

Organized Concept Designs

Most 3D CAD systems aren’t set up well for trying out and tracking alternative ideas. Too often, each variation on your concept design ends up in its own separate file.

With the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension, you can define a model as your baseline and try out different variations, create checkpoints and branches. No separate files needed. Then just click to retrieve any stage of your design evolution.


Finally, for concept designs that need to “wow” your viewers, check out the newest rendering options available in PTC Creo.

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