PTC Requirements and Validation Solution

Maintain Traceability Throughout the Product Lifecycle With a Requirements Management Solution

Mature requirements and validation practices are an integral part of the product development process and vital to mitigating risk in the development of complex and engineered products. Yet many organizations struggle to keep up with the volume and velocity of changes required. The explosive growth of product variants and the need to comply with multiple overlapping regulatory requirements only add to the pressure—and cost—of effective product stewardship.

The PTC Requirements and Validation solution empowers teams to capture, manage, validate, and verify product and product-line requirements throughout the product lifecycle. It provides the comprehensive requirements and test management needed to help organizations deliver higher quality products that better meet customer needs. End-to-end traceability reduces risk, while comprehensive change and audit management safeguards strategic assets and streamlines regulatory reporting. Rich data synchronization supports flexible collaboration across teams and vendors—including complex supply chains. Powered by the PTC Integrity product family, the PTC Requirements and Validation solution provides comprehensive requirements management, test management, and requirements interchange capabilities in a convenient subscription package.

The PTC Requirements and Validation solution helps teams overcome the complexity of managing multiple products, platforms, and variants by ensuring that requirements are clearly understood, documented and resilient to change; that products meet documented quality objectives; and that all teams have appropriate access to the most current requirements and test data.

PTC Requirements and Validation Solution helps organizations:

  • Safeguard strategic assets with a complete audit trail of every change as requirements evolve, branch, or change
  • Speed time to market by reusing groups of requirements and pursuing parallel development scenarios
  • Improve product quality by managing test sessions and verifying results against requirements
  • Promote safe, whole team collaboration through comprehensive change management, with advanced versioning and baselining
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with industry and standard regulations
  • Exchange large amounts of rich requirements information across tools and among partners, vendors, and customers
  • Easily determine the impact of proposed changes