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ThingWorx Digital Performance Management

What could you do with more production time? Drive revenue? Reduce costs?

Gaining the insight to key initiatives that remove production constraints can be challenging. Data is spread across systems and bottleneck reporting is manual, late, and error-prone. ThingWorx delivers the insight you need to make digital transformation possible. It provides real-time, closed-loop problem-solving which empowers your team with timely insights about bottlenecks, root causes, and the improvements that your initiatives actually deliver.

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Key Features
  • Real-time Production Dashboard
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Action Tracker
  • Scorecard
Accelerate operational impact and sustain excellence

What if you could use your existing data to improve performance throughput by up to 20%? Depending on your business, this might drive your site capacity by up to 50%—which you could use to increase revenue or reduce operating costs. You might also reinvest that capacity to further drive flexibility or focus on additional continuous improvement.

Digital Performance Management provides manufacturers with the solution for closed-loop operational excellence. It can help your team realize the promise of Industry 4.0 to deliver true transformational impact, and enable you to identify and resolve manufacturing constraints more rapidly—all to rapidly advance your productivity.


Accelerate operational impact and sustain excellence


Introduction to Digital Performance Management

How Digital Performance Management breaks through to deliver impact

Industry 4.0 technologies have generated a great deal of excitement due to their potential for achieving transformational outcomes, and with good reason. Many early movers have generated double-digit impact for digital transformation initiatives.

For many others, siloed data and a disconnection between performance reporting and P&L impact have stagnated progress. By breaking down these barriers, Digital Performance Management replaces a scattered approach to digital transformation with a laser-focused one that emphasizes improvement against the most critical bottlenecks. Explore these videos to see how this solution breaks through to deliver real business value.


Calculating Digital Performance Management’s impact to your business


Digital Performance Management is gamechanger


How Industry 4.0 Technologies Turn Vision Into Reality

Align to your architectural and data strategies

Since the beginning of manufacturing, companies have tried to implement and achieve world-class performance through continuous improvement. As they have advanced Industry 4.0, they have run into architectural, data, and even strategic barriers.

Digital Performance Management leverages a breakthrough approach that works within your infrastructure, augments your existing systems, and aligns with your strategic, architectural direction. View these videos to see how.


Digital Performance Management’s fit within your corporate architecture


Our solution solves an age-old problem with a breakthrough approach


High impact applications are built to help realize value in weeks or months, not years

Planning, proving, and scaling value

Unlock production hours to drive production, reduce manufacturing time, or improve service levels. Digital Performance Management features a value-centric engagement approach that helps you to plan, prove, and scale impact. Take a test drive to demonstrate the value of the Digital Performance Management solution within your production environment and with your frontline operators.

Ready to transform your factory operations? Contact sales to make an impact today.


Drive improvement from the ground up to engage the full organization

Manufacturing excellence through insight
Deliver transformational impact
Aligning to your business strategy
Prove and scale value
Get started
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Accelerate Operational Impact and Sustain Excellence

Learn about Digital Performance Management


Accelerate Operational Impact and Sustain Excellence

Since the beginning of manufacturing, companies have pursued world-class performance through continuous improvement. Digital is the paradigm shift that offers a huge new advantage.

Manufacturing environments are extraordinarily complex with a multitude of variables and disparate data sources. There are functionally siloed people, shared and dedicated processes, and multiple products—and they all need to be harmoniously synchronized to effectively problem solve.

These challenges often mean that thousands of variables are managed through inefficient, incomplete, and—unfortunately—out-of-date reporting efforts.

These realities make world class performance difficult to attain. While best in class factories can operate at 85% capacity utilization, or OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), most companies still fall short of this performance level. Instead, they operate closer to an average of 40–60% OEE.

Digital Performance Management provides manufacturers with an industry solution for closed-loop operational excellence.

  • Achieve true transformational impact by capturing and sustaining double-digit efficiency improvements at scale.
  • Identify and resolve manufacturing constraints more rapidly, understanding the dynamics between bottlenecks and the prioritized order of bottlenecks to address.

Introduction to Digital Performance Management

Identify, prioritize, and resolve the biggest bottlenecks that constrain manufacturing productivity.


Introduction to Digital Performance Management

Digital Performance Management replaces out-of-date, siloed reporting tools with a closed-loop solution that drives operational excellence, by helping to identify, prioritize, and solve the biggest issues that constrain production efficiency. The solution systematically identifies bottlenecks and prioritizes actions for improvement. It collects and normalizes production data to a standard metric: time lost. This helps customers engage every level of the organization to help solve problems and regain lost hours of production.

The solution creates a closed-loop cycle that manufacturers can use to monitor current performance, prioritize areas to improve production, analyze production losses to determine root cause loss reasons, improve performance with prescriptive, targeted actions, and confirm performance levels within and across facilities.

For the first time, Digital Performance Management links frontline, operational data to bottom line financial impact.

Digital Performance Management closed loop approach to operational excellence

    • Prioritize production improvement with Bottleneck Analysis
    • Analyze production losses with Performance Analysis
    • Track performance improvements with Action Tracker
    • View site-level performance and compare across similar manufacturing sites with Scorecard
    • Monitor current performance with Production Dashboard
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Calculating Digital Performance Management’s impact to your business

How Digital Performance Management adds 5–20% in productivity gains across your manufacturing sites


Calculating Digital Performance Management’s impact to your business

As a large manufacturer, with 30+ sites, what would it mean if you could unlock up to 20% additional productivity time at each of these sites?

How would you take advantage of this opportunity? You could drive more revenue but hold costs the same, reduce costs but maintain your current output, increase service levels, decrease lead times—or some combination to drive measurable and sustainable P&L impact for your company. Time truly is the universal language of value in manufacturing.

A $5 billion company with 50 sites that adopts Digital Performance Management can fulfill an additional $2 million in orders with the additional capacity without additional CapEx. Or the company could cut $2 million in operating costs. Either way, margins improve while the costs per unit decrease. While these numbers sound good on their own, at enterprise scale across 50 sites this yields an additional $100 million to the bottom line that can be reinvested in any number of ways including R&D, employee training, or capital improvements.

PTC’s customers have utilized additional capacity to improve their product mix, drive down order backlogs, increase service levels, improve morale, and even drive down inventories to lower their working capital. With PTC’s Digital Performance Management solution, manufacturers can realize the true value of time across their enterprise.

Operationally, these improvements are driven by reductions in:

  • Planned and unplanned downtime
  • Changeover time
  • Speed losses based on best demonstrated speeds by SKU
  • Small stops or micro stops
  • Scrap losses

Industry 4.0’s Highest-Impact, No-Regrets Use Case

Digital Performance Management aligns and empowers resources with the data and insight needed to effectively prioritize, execute, monitor, and measure the problem-solving actions that drive company P&L.

Digital Performance Management’s standardized and repeatable best practice approach also drives impact at scale for the enterprise and improves the overall return of technology investments by aligning those investments to production constraints, positively creating business impact.


Digital Performance Management is a gamechanger

There’s a great deal of hype about the potential for achieving transformational outcomes as result of digitizing manufacturing operations with Industry 4.0 technologies. Leading companies realize double-digit impact with technologies such as Industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and hybrid cloud computing.

As an early Industrial IoT pioneer, PTC has emerged as a market leader for manufacturing digital transformation. Through our experience working with thousands of clients, we have identified Digital Performance Management as a gamechanger for manufacturing excellence.

This position is also validated outside of PTC’s customer base. The World Economic Forum recognized it as “a must-have use case. It underpins value both directly and indirectly through additional use cases”. Additionally, many thought leaders and analysts like McKinsey & Company and Forrester reveal that operational transparency should be a critical focus for manufacturers.

Digital Performance Management, the high-impact use case:

  • Digital Performance Management is recognized as a must have use case.
  • This use case validated outside of PTC customer base.
  • Underpins value assurance both directly and indirectly.
  • Thought leaders and analysts like McKinsey & Company and Forrester identify operational transparency as critical.

How Industry 4.0 Technologies Turn Vision Into Reality

For the first time, manufacturers can operate a globally connected manufacturing network where data and analytics guide prioritization, resources, and problem solving to help identify and address the most impactful opportunities with direct linkage to maximum P&L impact.


How Industry 4.0 Technologies Turn Vision Into Reality

The foundation underpinning today’s performance management systems is comprised of distinct IT and OT data networks. These networks have historically maintained separate data sources and structures where manual integration and data manipulation are used to enable performance reporting. This data complexity leads to incomplete and outdated analysis with little insight to the constraints that impact productivity.

With modern Industry 4.0 technologies, companies can bridge the gap between these data networks while still maintaining existing “brownfield” infrastructure. The architectural approach combines disparate IT and OT data sources, abstracts and normalizes data to enable a new foundation capable of birthing innovative new processes and applications. Digital Performance Management utilizes this foundation to ensure that IT and OT data combine to provide timely insights to problem-solving opportunities and outcomes that directly align to P&L impact.

Capitalize on I4.0 architectural foundation to:

  • Enable a systematic, always updated approach to digital performance management.
  • Combine frontline IT and OT data to prioritize, identify, action on, and measure problem-solving opportunities.
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Digital Performance Management Architecture

Wrap and extend your existing infrastructure to minimize the disruption to your factory ecosystem and align with your future digital transformation architecture.


Digital Performance Management’s fit within your corporate architecture

You need a platform approach that meets you where you are—one that doesn’t ask you to rip and replace all your existing infrastructure, but instead minimizes the disruption to your factory ecosystem and aligns with your future digital transformation direction.

ThingWorx, Digital Performance Management’s foundational platform, supports many use cases and workloads in a consistent, cohesive, and comprehensive way. You don’t want to manage and administer yet another system from yet another vendor with varied logins and administrative processes. The platform eliminates the need to train users on different toolsets and its cohesive nature doesn’t require numerous logins that need to be managed across your corporate infrastructure.

At the end of the day, PTC’s pre-built solutions address your top use cases rapidly and easily. At the same time, the underlying platform is inherently extensible and future proofed, meeting your foundational needs and growing with your unique situation.

Both accelerate and simplify your digital transformation journey to:

  • Avoid a multiyear “big dig” approach.
  • Achieve accelerated time to value with small proof points that quickly prove value
  • Start rapidly with easily implemented projects
  • Improve ability to scale and deliver true transformation
  • Ensure the platform aligns to your architectural direction with support for public, private, and hybrid cloud

Why Digital Performance Management from PTC

Our digital performance system gives a full picture of production capacity and accountability across machines, people, and processes.


Our solution solves an age-old problem with a breakthrough approach

There are numerous performance management systems on the market today and hundreds—if not thousands—of OEE point solution applications. None of these traditional systems provides the full picture of production capacity and accountability across machines, people, and processes. What your business needs is closed-loop, continuous improvement at the product, line, plant, or network-wide level, along with assistance in prioritizing, executing, and measuring improvement actions with a direct link to P&L outcomes. This critical visibility has been sorely missing from industry solutions for manufacturers like you.

PTC's Digital Performance Management uniquely solves an age-old problem with a breakthrough approach built on top of foundational Industry 4.0 technologies. It is informed by multiple years of experience working with thousands of leading global manufacturers to harvest and codify performance management best practices.

Get a full picture of your performance.

  • ThingWorx incorporates data from systems, equipment, and tools to fully automate the performance improvement process without ripping and replacing.
  • Operators and supervisors efficiently capture frontline data with a manual-driven process within the solution.

The epicenter of your value-centric transformation

Industry 4.0 technology can help drive true transformational impact, but leading manufacturers let business and financial impact prioritize the transformation


High impact applications are built to help realize value in weeks or months, not years

While Industry 4.0 technology has greatly matured, few companies have driven true transformational impact.

The myriad of technologies, number of potential use cases, and countless ways to affect process improvement is staggering. Lack of clarity regarding where to focus limited resources and how to ensure they drive measurable financial impact are the most significant factors governing a digital transformation progress.

Leading manufacturers let business and financial impact serve as the compass to prioritize opportunities and to focus finite resources on the most impactful problem-solving opportunities.

PTC’s Digital Performance Management is a keystone solution that helps identify, prioritize, action on, and monitor problem-solving opportunities that have the greatest potential P&L impact. It will also amplify your return on broader technology investments by ensuring technology always follows in the wake of business impact.

Amplify your problem-solving with capabilities that include:

  • Predictive quality
  • Asset monitoring and utilization
  • A connected and augmented workforce
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Plan, Prove, and Scale Value

Digital Performance Management helps you make the most of your production hours, resulting in additional volumes, less scheduled time required, and even improved lead times and service levels.


Drive improvement from the ground up to engage the full organization

Digital Performance Management, our new enterprise-scale solution, allows companies to accelerate their performance improvement and drive operational excellence. The solution gives you real-time understanding of where to focus, what is causing performance issues, and where to prioritize finite resources for the most impact—line by line and site by site. You can drive improvement from the ground up, truly engaging all levels of the organization and readily achieving double-digit impact for your company.

Next steps:

  • Take a proof-of-value test drive
  • Chat with someone online
  • Have a PTC representative contact you
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What Is Digital Performance Management?

What Is It?

Digital Performance Management has the power to identify, analyze, and improve bottlenecks while surfacing critical issues and areas of improvement in your operations—and it puts that power right at your fingertips.

Driving digital transformation (DX) via access to these cutting-edge insights is simpler than you think. Read the e-book and learn four simple rules to follow when implementing a DX solution.

Learn the Rules

How Does It Work?

Based on a single metric of time, Digital Performance Management enables you to compare and set the most efficient priorities for improvement opportunities. You can then recapture the finite production hours lost in your current processes, increase your effective time up to 20% or more, and then validate those process improvements by tying them directly to the plant P&L.

Put Into Practice

Closed-loop problem solving is best in class

Transform your data from high level and lagging to precise and real-time and value creation from diffuse and incremental to prioritized and double digit.


Understand hidden issues

Rapidly identify the highest impact performance issues that demand focus to drive throughput, increase OEE and other mission critical performance metrics.

Identify root causes of problems

Give visibility to root cause analysis & potential remedy with advanced analytics by connecting manual and automated data, providing visibility & insights, and tracking the results

Communicate action plan

Transparent, organizational improvement plan empowers thousands frontline workers with data to take corrective action ad be able to communicate those actions up and down the entire organization

Create investment accountability

Measure results with performance data to ensure actions produce the desired outcomes, are repeatable, transparent and address the areas with the highest impact

View the Art of Performance white paper View the Art of Performance white paper

From insights to action: Driving manufacturing efficiency with digital performance management

Meet Roberta. She’s modeled after a real VP of Global Continuous Improvement at a discrete manufacturing company. Thanks to Digital Performance Management, Roberta can discern actual bottleneck OEE, better understand the company’s operations, determine specific corrective actions for identified top priorities, and eliminate an entire overtime shift—delighting employees in the process, who can now spend more time with their families.

Accelerating performance management in manufacturing video

Improving manufacturing performance management

Learn how Manufacturing Throughput as a Service (MTaaS) can accelerate your business outcomes with PTC and top business partners.

Digital Performance Management videos

    Read Tech-Clarity Buyer´s Guide Read Tech-Clarity Buyer´s Guide

    Buyer’s guide: Confidently prioritize manufacturing productivity improvements

    Improving manufacturing productivity and throughput has been a goal for decades, yet despite investments, most companies still don’t have confidence in their efforts. Tech-Clarity’s Buyer’s Guide focuses on the four key areas manufacturers need to consider.

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