PTC Creo 2.0: What’s New in PTC Creo Direct

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  • Evolutionary Concept Design

    In many cases, concepts don't start from scratch – they are based on one or many existing models. Creo's revolutionary technologies allow engineers to easily incorporate and modify existing models, both direct and parametric, in a new concept de...

  • Empowering the Infrequent CAD User to Optimize Designs

    Imagine how much faster your analysis, tooling experts and other design reviewers could get their job done if they could suggest changes to the design rather than just problems? Creo enables you to gather feedback and intelligence from outsid...

  • Preparing the Model for CAE

    With PTC Creo, the analyst has the tools to prepare models for analysis ― without relying on the design engineer or having to be a parametric CAD expert. Easily simplify geometry like chamfers and rounds using direct modeling.