ITT - Using PLM to Design Anywhere, Build Anywhere

Video Transcription

My name is Rod Miller and my title is PDLM Project Manager. I work for ITT Fluids. The fluids business in particular is involved in water specifically, but filtration, pumping, everything from fire engines to fountain drinks to city-sized industrial pumps and treatment systems.

So one of the visions, particularly around the aspect of PLM tools, is the whole design anywhere, build anywhere, be able to build close to the customers for delivery sake, that is a huge aspect of what we're attempting to accomplish with our PLM tools. PLM is obviously, though, much bigger than that and so one of our responsibilities is to create a clearer vision of our road map for PLM. That's one of the things that we'll be responsible for as we go back, particularly from this conference. It's to crystallize what that road map is and how we can grow PLM beyond what some of the standard boxes that people put it into.

One of the big things is adoption at a deep level. The gap between what we can do versus what we are doing. If you have people burdened down in moving data, dealing with data, trying to get it in the right format, those are all things that are non-value added activities and we want to be able to allow the designers, the product development team to be able to exercise and be free to think creatively.

We want to try and standardize as much, from a process standpoint. As you work globally you may have heavy workload in one plant and a lighter workload in one plant. There's some seasonal type of fluctuation in demand even in your personnel and by standardizing on tool sets and having somewhat similar processes it makes it easier to, without having to travel, you can keep your expertise within the company and have a single enterprise-wide system where people can work and you can shift workloads from facility to facility very easily.

Sometimes the most expensive thing a company can make is a decision and if you can facilitate rapid decision making and being able to track its results, that's a winning system. That's what we're looking to do.

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