Warranty Management Solutions

PTC's Warranty Management System:  Increase OEM Customer Value

In an economy where product sales are declining and operational and financial stability are in question, 52% of service executives are charged with increasing service profits. As a result, strategic manufacturers are looking to warranties and contracts as a valuable source for driving revenue gains and improving overall service and customer satisfaction.

PTC's Warranty Management System Benefits

By putting product information at the center of the warranty lifecycle, a complete record of the latest and best product knowledge is created over time within the warranty management system, enabling:

  • Early issue detection and proactive corrective action
  • Anticipation of service needs
  • Identification of suspect/fraudulent claims

Ultimately, these capabilities limit overall warranty exposure and prevent future issues — all of which add to your bottom line.

Learn more about PTC’s industry-leading Warranty and Contract Management solution by exploring the warranty management system resources below:

Warranty and Contract Management Today


Warranty and Contract Management Today

Watch PTC's video to understand the problems service leaders face today and how PTC's solution automates and improves the warranty lifecycle, while award-winning analytics allow service leaders to identify and resolve issues quickly across the install base.
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6 Steps to Better Warranties and Contracts


6 Steps to Better Warranties and Contracts

Read PTC's white paper on warranty management to lean how a product-centric approach to warranty and contract management is the key to gaining the latest and best product knowledge.
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IDC Warranty Vendor Assessments

Analyst Perspective:

IDC Warranty Vendor Assessments

Shelia Brennan, Program Manager of Aftermarket and Service Strategies at IDC, shares key research findings, recommendations and vendor assessments within the warranty management and warranty analytics market space.
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