Episode 9 - Systems Engineering and PLM

Systems Engineering and PLM: Future or Fool’s Dream?

In this episode of Tech4PD it is debated whether systems engineering is ready to be integrated in the PLM system, or if it should stand apart using best-of-breed applications. Watch Chad Jackson and Jim Brown debate the topic and the future of systems engineering.

PTC’s View

The industrial world is changing faster now than ever before. Gone are the days when products were simple and you only needed a few buttons to operate; you can now even regulate the heating in your home on a cold December day while sitting on a beach in the Bahamas.

Innovation and global product development grows more rapid and complex as each month and year pass. As a result, designing and developing products has introduced new challenges for manufacturers across a range of industries, from automotive, medical devices, and aerospace to electronics and high-tech. Winning new customers and establishing market leadership in an environment where products themselves have increased in complexity requires producing the best product at the highest quality faster than the competition.

Engineering executives are increasingly challenged to accelerate the delivery of innovative products and manage increasing product variants with fewer resources, while improving quality. The presence of embedded software in many products introduces additional complexities that cannot be effectively handled with traditional engineering processes and technologies.

To achieve this, best-in-class companies take a systems engineering approach, particularly when the product or even the development process itself has a high degree of complexity.

Companies that have an effective Systems Engineering approach in place have achieved:

  • Continuous requirements management processes.
  • Low levels of rework late in the development cycle.
  • One single source of information and high levels of traceability.
  • High levels of product compliance and safety protecting brand loyalty.
  • Predictable and on target delivery.