Episode 10 - Mobile PLM

Mobile PLM: What’s the Shortest Path to Value?

In this episode of Tech4PD, Analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson discuss that Mobile Devices are a new technology platform that can make PLM data more accessible and bring new functionality. Jim Chad disagree about the future direction for mobile PLM. 

PTC’s View

Enabling PTC applications to work in the mobile environment is a strategic focus for the company. Starting with PTC Windchill Mobile and then PTC Creo View Mobile, PTC has initially provided access to 3D mechanical data and related product information from mobile phones and tablet devices. Users can pan, zoom, drill-down, rotate, and more using mobile gestures and native interaction paradigms as well as perform tasks from any location. Longer term, PTC is exploring the impact of a wide range of trends and use cases including 3D video and image capabilities on mobile devices, gestures and touch for desktop operating systems, and location-aware computing.