Episode 7 - CAD Granularity Integration Debate

CAD: Granularity vs. Integrated Suites

In this episode of Tech4PD, it is debated whether integrated suites or more granular apps and tools are more valuable in CAD software. Is it more important to have one common data model and reduce error caused by translation of data or is it more important to enable as many individual roles as possible with tools that are designed for different users within an organization? Watch Chad Jackson and Jim Brown debate the topic and the future of CAD software.

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PTC’s View

One of the core tenets behind PTC Creo, a family of design software, is to offer the right design apps with just the right capability ― no more and no less ― so that everyone can be involved in product development.

You’re probably familiar with iPhone apps — specialized applications you can launch for your iPhone platform. We’re bringing a similar idea to CAD software with PTC Creo. We’re using the apps approach to make sure that anyone involved in product development can access the tool that’s exactly right for the work at hand. We offer apps for direct modeling, parametric modeling, conceptual engineering, visualization, 3D technical illustration, 2D design, simulation and more.

Each of the PTC Creo apps has a common data model. With a common data model, you can move, share and work with your product data from any application. This capability eliminates the source of many interoperability problems and maintains design intent, no matter who’s been working on the model.

PTC Creo apps also provide a common user experience. Even though each app will serve its own particular role, you won’t have to relearn each app. For example, once you know how to rotate a model in one app, you know how to rotate the model in all the design apps.

PTC Creo offers an integrated family of software that leverages a common data model to avoid data loss, errors and recreation of designs. And, each PTC Creo is granular, enabling many roles in the enterprise and expanding the use of the 3D asset company-wide.

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