Episode 1 - Granularity vs. Integration - Suites vs. Best-in-class PLM

Granularity vs. Integration: Suites vs. Best-in-Class PLM

Integration has always been important in PLM but it’s argued that integration of data and processes is too time-consuming and costly ― and that it doesn't provide enough value up front. Is it more important for data and processes to be in synch even if it takes some time to establish? Is the value worth the wait? Watch this episode of Tech4PD and see how Jim Brown and Chad Jackson tackle these questions and more.

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PTC’s View

We at PTC believe that there are inherent advantages in utilizing a suite of products that were originally designed to closely work together and utilize the same centralized set of data. Implementing a product suite does take more effort, but the benefits can be much greater. However, some situations may dictate that different best-in-class applications should be utilized. Having the ability to mix and match applications and deploy one application at a time may be advantageous. But, you must also consider any additional cost and effort needed to integrate such best-in-class applications. PTC offers products and solutions for both situations. For example, although the applications and capabilities within the PTC Windchill product suite and related solutions already work closely together, various components (e.g., PTC Windchill product analytics solutions) can also be used in stand-alone format.