Episode 4 - CAD: For Design or Just Documentation

CAD: For Design or Just Documentation?

In this episode of Tech4PD, Jim Brown and Chad Jackson discuss whether CAD tools can be used for both design and documentation. They debate whether it’s the advancements in 2D or 3D CAD tools that help enable engineers to design products more easily and with less rework. Are advances in 3D design technologies with abilities to use direct modeling and manipulation the more important capability ― or are developments in the 2D realm with sketching and diagramming more relevant?

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PTC’s View

We at PTC believe that designers should be able to choose the best approach and tool that match their needs for different stages of design. A direct modeling approach might be more appropriate for concept development, while a parametric model is just right for creating data-rich 3D detailed models with built-in intelligence to optimize downstream processes. PTC Creo offers multiple modeling approaches in one platform. Users can choose from whatever CAD approach is most comfortable or appropriate for them. When moving data from one modeling approach to another, you won’t lose intelligence or design intent. PTC Creo offers users the ability to freely mix and match 2D, 3D direct or 3D parametric modes, working together on a common data model.