Data or Process First? PLM’s Chicken or Egg Scenario

Should your path to PLM implementation begin by organizing your data? Or does the most value derive from getting your processes enabled by PLM? Dueling analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson disagree. Vote for the most compelling argument. Loser suffers pain, as usual.

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Industry analysts Chad Jackson and Jim Brown give PLM decision makers the straight talk on technology for product lifecycles. Each episode includes a spirited debate where Jim and Chad take different viewpoints on the future of these technologies. Viewers can vote for the winner, with the losing analyst suffering a consequence in a future episode.

  • Past Episodes

Mobile PLM: What’s the Shortest Path to Value?

In this episode of Tech4PD, Analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson discuss that Mobile Devices are a new technology platform that can make PLM data more accessible and bring new functionality. Jim Chad disagree about the future direction for mobile PLM.

Systems Engineering and PLM: Future or Fool’s Dream?

In this episode of Tech4PD it is debated whether systems engineering is ready to be integrated in the PLM system, or if it should stand apart using best-of-breed applications. Watch Chad Jackson and Jim Brown debate the topic and the future of systems engineering.

Is Product Data Management Overkill for Small Design Teams?

Small design teams face a tough choice for managing product data. Should they implement a simple document management solution? A CAD-only data management tool? Or go for something bigger that manages the BOM through to manufacturing? Analysts Chad and Jim don’t agree and you get to vote. Plus see who had to take a very public plunge in the pool at COFES - the conference that brings the leaders of the engineering software industry together.

CAD: Granularity vs. Integrated Suites

In this episode of Tech4PD it is debated whether integrated suites or more granular apps and tools are more valuable in CAD Software. Is it more important to have one common data model and reduce error caused by translation of data or is it more important to enable as many individual roles as possible with tools that are designed for different users within an organization? Watch Chad Jackson and Jim Brown debate the topic and the future of CAD Software.

PLM and ERP - Putting Each in Their Place

PLM and ERP play extremely important roles in product development. PLM is crucial for automation and enablement of product development overall as well as engineering and innovation efforts, while ERP is key for the execution side of product development and the business of manufacturing. Integration of these two tools and how they work together can be very influential. Watch this episode of Tech4PD and see the debate on the roles of PLM and ERP in managing product data.

Engineering Process Debate – CAD or PLM?

There has been a move toward product customization across many industries. Companies rely on platform design or modularity as a way to offer variations of a product while keeping the number of designs manageable. In this episode it is debated whether PLM or CAD is the right technology to take the lead in platform design. Which tool can help companies to be efficient, control cost, and maintain quality, all while taking into account the importance of verification and validation, configuration, and the rules that drive quality?

CAD: For Design or just Documentation?

In this episode of Tech4PD, Jim Brown and Chad Jackson discuss whether CAD tools can be used for both design and documentation. They debate whether it’s the advancements in 2D or 3D CAD tools that help enable engineers to design products more easily and with less re-work. Are advances in 3D design technologies with abilities to use direct modeling and manipulation the more critical capability or are the developments in the 2D realm more relevant with sketching and diagramming?

Social Technology for Product Development: Ready for Business?

Social computing and technologies are becoming more popular and having a greater impact in personal life. But how are these social technologies changing business and will the impact be as profound? Watch this episode of Tech4PD to hear Jim Brown and Chad Jacksons’ viewpoints and listen as they debate whether or not social computing is ready and viable for business.

Simulation Driven Design: Who Has to Enable the Change?

Simulation driven design has been proven to have great value for the end stage of product design. Many companies are now moving simulation earlier in the design process to reduce rework so that changes can be made to drive design instead of after the fact. Knowledge of engineering physics, simulation methods and software, and CAD software are all required for success. Should engineers absorb this work or should analysts take it on? Watch this episode of Tech4PD and learn about who could close the simulation gap with the smallest learning curve.

Granularity vs. Integration: Suites vs Best-in-class PLM

Integration has always been important in PLM but it’s argued that integration of data and processes are too time consuming, costly, and there isn’t enough value up front. Is it more important for data and processes to be in synch even if it takes some time to establish? Is the value worth the wait? Watch this episode of Tech4PD and see how Jim Brown and Cad Jackson tackle these questions and more.