Software Delivers Competitive Advantage

Software-intensive products are transforming our world

Today’s engineering leaders realize that software can be the key to delivering new product offerings and driving continuous product innovation. Software can play a strategic role in controlling costs, achieving customer satisfaction, and creating competitive advantage.

How will you address the complexities of software development and gain the greatest advantage for your company?

Software Drives Product Innovation and Creates Competitive Advantage

Software represents a huge opportunity for transformation and competitive differentiation. Across nearly every industry, from automotive and industrial to aerospace and life sciences, manufacturers are increasingly using software to deliver innovative and feature-rich products. To remain competitive, engineering executives must manage the complexities of a product development environment that now spans mechanical, electrical and software engineering disciplines.

Software in products provides many advantages, including the ability to make changes quickly at low cost and the flexibility to provide new functionality to customers, even after the product has shipped. Software also introduces new challenges in product development.

For many manufacturers, the highly iterative and collaborative approach to software development is a completely new and different way of developing products and bringing them to market. To successfully address the challenges of developing software-intensive products, engineering teams need:

  • Real-time visibility into product quality, compliance and readiness to accurately predict the impact of changes and make informed decisions.
  • Process flexibility to meet unique team needs and enable right-sized processes.
  • Process enforcement to drive consistency and ensure quality and auditability.

To better understand the benefits and challenges of integrating software and hardware development, please read this eBook or continue to explore our engineering leaders resource center.

Making a Difference

In Automotive: Automatic, intelligent braking systems on many high-end vehicles react in a potential crash situation even if the driver doesn’t.

  • Did you know? Cars will require 200-300 million lines of software code in the near future (Source: Frost & Sullivan)

In Aerospace and Defense: Sensors in unmanned aircraft gather surveillance data for the US military.

  • Did you know? The Airbus A380 uses almost 1000 software components supplied by more than 40 system and software companies located on 3 different continents (Source: SITA)

In Medical Devices: Software in implantable pacemakers monitors cardiac rhythms in heart patients.

  • Did you know? In the last 7 years, 500 medical device recalls were related to software defects and malfunctions (Source: FDA Survey)