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On Time. On Trend. On Cost.

With the fast-changing dynamics of the industry today, your company’s success requires alignment, communication and visibility throughout the entire product development lifecycle in order to quickly respond to trends within the appropriate timeline, and meet cost and budget targets. You are challenged with balancing and achieving these strategic areas of your business:

Accelerate Speed to Market: Reduce time, from concept to in-store delivery, to ensure on time and on trend market availability of high quality products.

Improve Product Margins: Maximize margins without delaying product delivery to the market or reducing product quality.

Enable Market Expansion: Align product breadth in category/brands with new regions and channels.

Reduce Product Cost: Reduce costs of materials/components and resulting finished goods with no negative impact on product quality or delivery to market.

On Time. On Trend. On Cost. 

On Time. On Trend. On Cost.

Improve Supply Chain Agility: Enhance Supply Chain agility through better visibility and earlier and continuous involvement with merchandising, design and product development.

Reduce Supply Chain Cost: Streamline sourcing and enable better negotiation to reduce costs of materials, components and finished goods.

Improve Quality: Establish the means by which the quality of products is in line with market expectations and is consistent throughout the positioning of products per market segmentation.

Lower the Cost of IT: Reduce the total cost of ownership of product development and planning systems.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Creativity: Enable the highest level of efficiency for all design and development resources, including collaboration with all internal and external organizations, and enable creativity in the workplace.

Enable Secure and Global Collaboration: Support the business with a secure internal and external collaboration platform that integrates with multiple systems.

Improve Business Support: Provide systems that enable users to increase quality and efficiency in their daily responsibilities. 

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