Requirements Management

Worldwide Software Development at Hella Corporation

Hella ranks as one of the 100 largest German industrial companies, with customers from leading automotive and system manufacturers, as well as the automotive parts trade. “Our first goal was to provide version control for projects” says Mr. Jürgen Belz, Head of Automotive Software Standards at Hella.

Hella significantly reduced development time; they only need 2/3 of a 3-year development cycle with a significant increase in scope per project.

Hella began its relationship with PTC with an implementation of the client-based configuration management software solution called PTC Integrity.

At the beginning, small projects were created under version control. After those projects were concluded successfully, all remaining projects were developed under PTC Integrity, and the number of projects increased significantly over a short period of time. Thanks to the early implementation of PTC; it was possible to allow for the enormous growth of the projects in future years.

It soon became necessary to migrate the worldwide Hella corporate group to PTC Integrity based on our positive experience with the tools coupled with our own increasing requirements. The enterprise suite was implemented including software configuration management, the Federated Server Architecture (FSA) for worldwide distributed development, in addition to PTC Integrity Manager for process and workflow management.