Accelerating Innovation Article Series

    Leading manufacturers know that the key to sustainable competitive advantage is innovation. Highest profitability comes from the ability to develop and launch breakthrough products offering compelling new capabilities to customers – value they can’t get anywhere else.

    In order to keep these edge-pushing new products coming in a steady stream, several elements need to be in place: the right people, the right process and the right technology.

    Read the articles below to learn more.

    Igniting Innovation: People

    People, aided by processes and technology, provide the spark for new product design and development. But with innovation teams more globally distributed than ever, the challenges to cross-team collaboration remain strong. Learn the secrets to managing innovation for success.

    Empowering Innovation: Process

    Bold innovation, as engineering leaders know, brings competitive advantage. So what holds product innovation back? For many manufacturers, it’s the challenge of managing complexity. The key is to transform the product development process to get ahead.

    Enabling Innovation: Technology

    Delivering innovative business ideas to market requires managing the product development process and the product data so that the entire engineering team can do their part. Putting the right technology in place connects critical people and steps ensuring no detail is missed when seeking to deliver innovative products on-time.