The Product Innovation Imperative

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Innovative Products Demand Focus

Strategy to Ignite, Empower and Enable Product Innovation

Innovation that forces change in the marketplace is an elusive goal that often feels out of reach. But successful products driven by innovation often arrive through a disciplined product development approach. In our article series, read how people, process and technology form the foundation to successfully deliver faster, better, smarter products for your customers.

IESE: Bold Innovation in Mature Markets

For many global manufacturers, finding growth in mature markets is an ominous challenge: unseating competitors and finding new customers. A corporate strategy that enables launching big, bold innovative products is paramount to success. Robert G. Cooper, New Product Development expert, offers five business vectors that enable successful development of unrivalled products, thereby attracting new customers and driving new revenue.

Flowserve: Accelerating Innovation with PLM

”Innovation First” is a Flowserve corporate strategy to transform the way they conceive, develop and support products to secure customer loyalty and open new markets.