Product Data Management (PDM)

Choosing the Right PDM Solution

As you evaluate PTC product data management (PDM) solutions, think about the following:

  • What should you consider when selecting and buying a PDM solution?
  • How much time can PDM save you?
  • What PDM solution best matches your situation and needs?
  • Is the return on investment (ROI) significant?

Use the resources below to answer these and any other questions about PDM solutions from PTC.

PDM Buyer’s Guide

Tech-Clarity, a well-respected recognized analyst firm, offers a guide that you can use to help select and buy a PDM solution. Prioritize and evaluate all the key features and capabilities needed whether you are a smaller designs team or a mid-sized manufacturer.

Time Savings Calculator

Calculate how much time you can expect to save with PTC’s Windchill PDM solutions using our online calculator. CIMdata helped develop the calculator, incorporating its years of expertise in the field. As a widely known analyst firm, CIMdata has consulted on hundreds of PDM projects at manufacturers of all sizes.

Real Customers. Real Benefits

Hear from others who use our PDM solutions and the key benefits they’ve enjoyed in their product development process.

The Right Solution for You

Which of these describes you: Smaller design team on a single site? Medium-sized manufacturer with dispersed engineering sites? Global enterprise with global product development and manufacturing? Match your needs to the right PTC Windchill PDM solution. And don’t worry if your business is changing, each solution can be readily scaled up later to meet growing needs.

Personal Expert

Find out how PTC Windchill PDM solutions can solve your challenges. Request a free consultation today. We’ll arrange for product experts to demonstrate the solution, and we’ll even prepare a complimentary ROI calculation to help determine the value of your investment to your company.