Whirlpool Corporation Creates Customer Value through PLM Journey

Hear how Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading appliance manufacturer, continues to lead the market as they improve their ability to collaborate across their global brands.

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Whirlpool Corporation has many global teams that need to collaborate across their entire enterprise. The complexity of sharing information amongst 70,000 colleagues and 66 global facilities is a daunting reality.

Transforming the way they create, refine and communicate product information is essential to their overall global success. Learn how the use of PLM technology helps Whirlpool overcome the challenges by providing a single source of truth for every product, part and resource throughout the organization. By connecting and unifying the entire enterprise, Whirlpool can optimize its product development processes and the performance of its engineering teams to create truly global designs that not only meet, but exceed customer needs.

Video Transcript

Over the last 100 years, Whirlpool Corporation has grown to become the world’s leading appliance manufacturer, with the most recognized brands in the industry.

To continue to lead the market, we must improve our ability to collaborate across our global brands and with our global teams across the enterprise. The complexity of sharing information with more than 70,000 colleagues in 66 global facilities is tremendous.

A solution for Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM, can help us overcome these barriers so we can fully leverage our collective expertise, product knowledge, and global scale.

PLM is a technology solution designed to optimize the management and evolution of a product throughout its entire life, from conception to retirement.

Through the deployment adoption and mastery of this technology we’ll transform the way we create, refine and communicate product information; the way we share our product knowledge – by providing a single source of product information about every part, process and resource throughout our organization we will be able to connect and unify our entire enterprise providing the information each function needs to optimize their performance.

Supported and enabled by the Constellation Program - the effective deployment and adoption of PLM capabilities will enable teams to make better, more responsive decisions throughout the entire product value chain…
from engineering, to procurement, manufacturing, compliance, to quality, through to marketing, sales and service

Sharing our knowledge is just the beginning of our journey.

For years to come, Whirlpool will have greater opportunities to accelerate innovation, increase efficiencies, improve product quality, better manage our product costs and, most importantly, meet and exceed our customers’ changing needs.

Product Lifecycle Management helps us gain the advantage we need to beat the global competition and to continue to “improve our consumers’ lives one home and one family at a time, through innovative, world-class products and services.