Volvo Enters a New Era of Product Development

The Volvo Group a leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines for markets around the world. Delivering a high level of car and truck quality, safety, and optionality is made possible through engineering’s collaboration strategy and use of PLM technology.

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Customers are given the ability to choose from a variety of different options so they can have an optimized product tailored for their specific need.

In order to achieve this level of customer satisfaction, Volvo works with a substantial team, globally dispersed. This brings with it a level of complexity that is not a problem for Volvo to master. Teams gather, work on and share information at a rate which enables data to be managed throughout the complete product lifecycle; from design to recycle.

By connecting knowledge across the engineering organization, the Volvo Group is able to achieve high levels of innovation, time loss reduction and IT cost reduction. The company´s ability to manage complexity differentiates their product in a global market where competition is fierce.

Video Transcript

This is just one part of a Volvo truck. Each FH is defined by customers making choices from different types of options. Most of these options can be combined. This provides each customer with the opportunity for an optimized product, tailored to their specific need.

Imagine the size of team it takes to build that custom designed FH. Imagine that team is split out around the globe. This complexity doesn't have to be a problem. It's an opportunity with a product lifecycle management solution. PLM creates the ability to visually and openly manage product data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

From design to recycling, Volvo is developing a flexible IT program and deploying world-class PLM solutions, a powerful and flexible system, supporting the entire Volvo group. Everyone will speak the same language, globally disperse teams, connecting knowledge and sharing data. This PLM platform will allow an engineer to send out a query and within minutes, another engineer can provide guidance, via a shared screen session, whether he is in the same building or across an ocean. Connecting knowledge is just the beginning. Volvo's PLM platform is designed to boost innovation, productivity, enable synergies, reduce time losses and cut IT costs, and above all, the ability to manage complexity is a real competitive advantage. Volvo is entering a new era of product development. The process of developing commercial product solutions has never been more challenging. Launching the right product at the right time is crucial. Competition is fierce. Global collaboration, a must. Product lifecycle management is our key to success.