Piaggio Accelerates Innovation Through Global Collaboration

At Piaggio Group, a world leader in the production of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and scooters; the complexities of managing multiple brands, globally distributed development teams and a large partner network are made easy with PLM.

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To stay ahead of the competition, the Piaggio Group must constantly find better ways to connect all areas of the enterprise to the information it needs throughout the product lifecycle in order to deliver the right products at the right time – in any market.

With PLM technology, Piaggio is able to create a single source of product information that is easily shared across all functional areas for each brand in any geography, including the partner network. By sharing this valuable knowledgebase across the organization, the Piaggio Group is able to deliver its customers innovative products in less time.

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Video Transcript

We at the Piaggio Group are known the world over as leaders in the production of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and scooters across a wide family of brands.

To stay ahead of our competition, we must constantly find new ways to better manage the complexities of sharing product information across multiple brands, and throughout multiple geographies.

With a solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), this isn’t a problem – it’s an opportunity.

PLM optimizes the processes required to manage and evolve a product through its entire life.

PLM technology allows us to create one single source of product and process information that can be shared easily throughout the enterprise - by teams in many functions, geographies, and partner organizations.

In this way we connect every part, every process, and every person with all the information they need throughout the entire lifecycle of our products - from design and sourcing to manufacturing and service.

Whether in the same building or on different continents, our people are able to easily collaborate and share their expertise – accelerating innovation across the Piaggio Group - and our supply chain.

Combining “know how” with the leading PLM technology gives us the ability to manage the ever-growing complexities of our business, so that we can always deliver the “right products” at the “right time” - in any market.

Sharing knowledge is just the beginning: our PLM solution will also improve enterprise productivity, increase product quality, ensure compliance, and reduce overall cost of goods sold.

... for Piaggio Group, PLM is providing the answers we need to succeed!