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Software Intensive Products

Software Intensive Products

Today’s engineering leaders realize that software can be the key to delivering new product offerings and driving continuous product innovation. Software in products holds the key to modernization that improves quality, safety, and ease-of-use, as well as adds new functions. Software simply makes products smarter.

Learn more about how to remain competitive and effectively manage the complexities of software and systems development.

Systems Engineering: Systems Engineering Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Engineering executives are challenged to deliver products on time with limited engineering resources, while improving overall quality. In order to achieve these goals, leaders must streamline the multi-disciplinary collaboration process across engineering teams.

Learn how a systems engineering approach throughout product development can enable accurate verification and validation of all product requirements, creation of a flexible modular product architecture, and assurance of high product quality.

Requirements Management: Transforming Product Development

Requirements Management

Does Your Organization Struggle with Managing Requirements? According to the Software Engineering Institute, nearly 20% of the costs of the average software intensive projects are due to rework that is directly attributable to inaccurate, incomplete, or ambiguous requirements.

Learn how requirements management is the key to bringing better products to market faster.

Product Innovation: Transforming Product Development

Product Innovation

Creating and launching innovative products is essential to driving growth. But the process to take an idea and bring it to market requires discipline and coordination, especially as product complexity grows. Improving product development processes for managing complexity is essential.

Learn more about the challenges confronting Engineering leaders today, and what some are doing to transform product development and accelerate product innovation.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Global manufacturers that serve a variety of markets must meet international regulations and government mandates. Left ignored, companies face huge risks and a negative impact on company revenue. Addressing these regulations and mandates in the product development process can make the difference of launching on-time and avoiding product recalls and, as a result, producing better performing, compliant and more profitable products.

Learn more about PTC´s approach to various Regulatory Compliance global mandates.

Product Platforms: Transforming Product Development

Product Platforms

To stay competitive in today’s global-market, manufacturing companies often strive to create market-specific products. This strategy can be a powerful growth driver, but typically comes with increased product complexity.

Learn how best-in-class manufacturers manage this complexity with a consistent, product-platform approach.