Conflict Minerals Compliance

Motorola’s Innovative Approach to Conflict Minerals Management and ReportingMotorola's Innovative Approach to Conflict Minerals Management and Reporting

Best practice policies, a leading technology solution, and a strong philosophy of corporate responsibility come together in one forward-thinking strategy.

Motorola Mobility is setting a powerful example for other leading organizations by treating Conflict Minerals as more than a single compliance issue.

The exercise of developing a Conflict Minerals reporting framework that will scale for future compliance obligations is a critical element of Motorola Mobility’s long-term supply chain strategy. This leading manufacturer is automating and streamlining its Conflict Minerals management program, using technology solutions from PTC. This will ensure that the company has a documented audit trail for its Conflict Minerals filings with the SEC, and a solid reporting system for future regulatory requirements.

Motorola Mobility has also made Conflict Minerals a component of its Corporate Responsibility platform, participating in two industry workgroups and a pilot program with AVX Corporation that aim to address the issue of Conflict Minerals and help support economic sustainability for the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries.

Motorola Taps Product Compliance Capability for Conflict MineralsMotorola Taps Product Compliance Capability for Conflict Minerals

In this eBook, the independent research team at Tech-Clarity, Inc. profiles Motorola’s holistic strategy for product compliance. Motorola approaches Conflict Minerals as a program, not a project, combining strong policies and a philosophy of social responsibility with the strategies for supplier data collection that the company has leveraged so well for other product regulations like REACH, RoHS, and WEEE.
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 Corporate Responsibility Conflict Minerals Management: Best Practices and Proven Strategies for Compliance

Best Practices and Proven Strategies for Compliance. In this recorded presentation, Motorola Mobility outlines its forward-thinking approach to the Conflict Minerals law and other compliance challenges, followed by an informative Q&A session.
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