Concept Design

Rethink Concept Design

Concept design, the earliest phase of new product development, determines whether your products are innovative and marketable. But it also determines much more — like how much you'll spend to manufacture the design and whether your intellectual property (IP) is safe.

How CAD Technologies Impact Products and Processes

The eBook "Making the Case for Modernizing Concept Design," written by industry analyst/blogger Chad Jackson, highlights challenges in concept design and reviews the technologies that can add significant improvements to your processes.

What to Expect in this eBook? 

Concept Design eBook
  • Compare current tools and practices
    From physical sketches to 3D models, every tool and approach found in concept design has its pros and cons.
  • Explore new age concept design
    How to address the growing needs for multiple tools, good interoperability and improved procedural flows.
  • Best practice for managing IP
    New technologies manage, centralize and protect concept designs and the valuable IP captured within them. Do they really help?

If you're a manager or a decision maker in product development, download this free eBook and ask yourself: “Is it time to rethink concept design?”

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