Warranty and Contract Management Today

Service leaders striving to drive down cost, increase revenue, and improve customer value need to streamline warranty and contract management processes. PTC’s solution automates and improves the warranty lifecycle, while award winning analytics allow service leaders to identify and resolve issues quickly across the install base. Along with our technology, our approach to solution planning, implementation, and adoption minimizes risk, accelerates time to value, and ensures maximum return on investment.

Warranty & Service Contract Optimization

Service executives today are looking to reduce warranty exposure and increase service contract performance. Learn how a product-centric approach to warranty and contract management is the key to gaining the latest and best product knowledge.

For additional information on warranty and contract management’ s closed loop analytics and how it can help identify and resolve issues rapidly across install base, download PTC’s 6 Steps to Better Warranties & Contracts whitepaper below.

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Video Transcript

When product sales are uncertain and operational consistency is unattainable, more and more, service executives are driven to increase their service profits.

How do they accomplish this? Improvement in warranties and contracts.

What we know:

  • Manufacturers worldwide spend up to 7% of product revenue on warranty claims each year
  • In the United States alone, this adds up to approximately $23 billion in warranty claims
  • Worldwide this totals more than $50 billion

Have you considered the plus side to warranty and contract management? On average, service contracts and warranties contribute 53% of total service revenue; and there’s room to grow…

So what’s holding everyone back?

  • Functional silos, lost cross-enterprise knowledge, a lack of visibility for improvement
  • Inefficient parts returns, manual claims processes, poor data quality, low supplier recovery
  • Warranty processes that don’t consider product issues
  • An inability to identify and resolve product and service issues

All resulting in:

  • High warranty costs
  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • Low dealer and customer value
  • Unreliable product and service quality

And because a large impact on warranty cost is the product’s performance, the opportunity to improve warranty means being sure the product performs as intended – or better.

How can manufacturers achieve this? By putting product information at the center of the warranty lifecycle

A product’s performance is tracked by understanding its service events.

This data writes a product’s history

PTC Warranty and Contract Management solution captures it all
Warranty registration
Claims Processing
Parts Returns
Supplier recovery
Extended warranty
Service contracts

Having this complete record creates an as-maintained bill of materials (BOM).

Everyone can leverage the same knowledge to improve product performance and the customer experience.

PTC Warranty and Contract Management solution offers industry-leading analytics to proactively detect issues, anticipate service needs and identify fraudulent claims, directly helping manufacturers to limit overall warranty exposure.

The Benefits: Best-in-class manufacturers who have implemented a strategic approach to warranty and contract management…

  • Retain customers at a rate of 89% – compared to 51% for those with no warranty and contract management solution
  • Renew 90% of current service contracts – versus only 40% for those with no warranty and contract management solution

Improve customer value. Improve profits. Increase revenue.

When your product performs beyond expectations risks are diminished, warranty claims are lowered, and service costs are minimized - all contributing to an improved overall service experience for you and your customers.

Increase customer value with PTC award-winning Warranty and Contract Management Solution ptc.com/go/warranty