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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Early Visibility of Supply Chain Concerns Reduce Complexity, Cost & Risk

To compete in diverse markets, leading manufacturers and retailers must manage a multi-tiered supply chain while contending with ever increasing product complexities, accelerated rates of product introduction, and relentless pressure to reduce cost, improve quality and comply with evolving regulations. The ability to make better informed supply chain decisions is critical.

Strategic Supply Chain Alignment

Supply Chain Management solutions empower manufacturers to align product design and supply chain planning strategies. By addressing supply chain concerns in the earliest phases of product development companies can reduce complexity, cost and risk, and bring more profitable products to market faster.

PTC’s Supply Chain Management (“SCM”) solutions allow manufacturers to collaborate across product development, supply chain, and sourcing and procurement, so they can identify an optimal set of parts, materials and suppliers. SCM accelerates the sourcing process through an automated RFx process with detailed cost modeling, and provides visibility into supply chain risk information to balance cost, quality and compliance. The right SCM solution will allow you to:

  • Reduce product & supply chain complexity by defining preferred parts, materials and suppliers
  • Improve sourcing performance and optimize cost
  • Increase supplier collaboration
  • Ensure business continuity, manage risk, and comply with regulatory requirements

Retail PLM

The proven PTC Retail PLM solution provides visibility across merchandising, design, product development and supply chain to maximize speed, agility, efficiency & margin.

  • 50% increase in design hit ratios
  • 45% reduction in time-to-market
  • 3-5% material cost reduction
  • 20-30% productivity improvements
  • 4 month implementation using optional Value-ready deployments

Materials Compliance

The PTC Materials Compliance Solution provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to efficiently ensure compliance with numerous evolving government regulations and customer requirements. With this solution, manufacturers can:

  • Enable part, product and supplier level analysis
  • Collect supplier data using automated data requests, industry standards, custom templates, industry data exchanges and response validation and reporting tools
  • Protect revenue streams by making compliance risk analysis part of standard development processes, including, new part introduction, supplier authorizations and engineering change requests
  • Demonstrate product and supply chain compliance and due diligence for customers and government authorities with detailed, data-rich audit trails and reporting capabilities

Component and Supplier Management

Lack of visibility into preferred parts, suppliers and materials has many engineers designing products with unintended complexity and product diversity. Too often redundant parts or suppliers are introduced due to lack of visibility to preferred sources and existing parts.

PTC helps manufacturers design for supply by driving sourcing and engineering teams toward a common set of preferred parts, materials and suppliers. This enables manufacturers to:

  • Drive down inventory and optimize spends with part and supplier rationalization
  • Increase re-use by leveraging proliferation controls, classification, and search
  • Provide visibility into global usage of all parts, materials, substances and suppliers