PTC Warranty and Contract Management

PTC Warranty & Contract Management

Warranty and service contract costs related to aftermarket sales have a large impact on overall corporate profits. PTC’s approach defines and manages warranty processes in a product context, providing a single-view of product performance across the install base. This complete performance and service history enables continuous improvements for service planning, engineering and quality.

Optimize Warranty and Contract Activities

Lack of visibility into a product’s performance and service history can make the management of warranty and service contracts unpredictable and unprofitable. PTC’s closed-loop warranty claims, contracts and analytics solution defines, captures and analyzes warranty outcomes in a product context throughout the product’s serviceable life. This enables early issue detection and corrective action resulting in limited warranty exposure and improved contract profitability.

PTC’s Warranty and Contract Management solution automates warranty chain processes to optimize product and warranty performance by

  • Standardizing warranty coverage and business rules
  • Managing warranty claims, returns and supplier recovery centrally
  • Enabling closed-loop warranty issue feedback for continual improvement
  • Improving contract opportunities and renewals
  • Reducing warranty cost

Automate end-to-end claims management processes including claims entry and validations using extensive business rules. Streamline pricing, quoting, administration and profitability analysis of extended warranties, maintenance and service contracts.

Enable warranty analytics with powerful and flexible warranty and service intelligence. Leverage built-in reporting, analysis and queries to identify the root causes of warranty, service and quality issues.

Capture and manage service information in a single source for sharing common warranty and service data across all stakeholders including OEMs, suppliers, service centers and end user customers.