Service Lifecycle Management Maturity Model

Successfully Transforming Into a Strategic Service Business

Does your service organization have the right infrastructure, processes and technology to maximize customer value, revenue and profits? Most organizations have become more strategic in their service initiatives but still struggle to reach their goals to truly transform into a mature service business. If your service organization is operating in silos with disconnected service processes and technology, you are failing to achieve the efficiencies gained through improved visibility, scalability and collaboration.

Gartner’s report Supply Chain Transformation: The Service Life Cycle Management Maturity Model, outlines the four stages of maturity and how to transform your service business into a customer-focused and value-driven organization that contributes higher revenue margins and stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction. By moving through the Stages of Gartner’s Maturity Model, you learn how to put in place the right organization, culture and technology structure to truly gain a customer-focused service model. You will also see how PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management solutions align with Gartner’s analysis that technology investments need to be accompanied by cultural & organizational adjustments to achieve the highest levels of maturity.

What stage of Service Life Cycle Management maturity is your current service business? Download this Gartner research to gauge your maturity level and learn how you can drive service transformation to achieve:

  • Higher service revenue and profit
  • Stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Competitive differentiation through service

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