Connect Your Global Service Organization

Service is a global opportunity and a global challenge. You can’t win with fragmented service functions and geographically targeted tactics. Watch this video to learn how leading companies are connecting people and processes across the service network with a true Service Lifecycle Management system to drive growth and profitability.

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As a service leader, no one knows better than you the global opportunities – and the global challenges – that service represents today.

To gain, and maintain, competitive advantage, you need to improve service processes everywhere - in emerging as well as established markets - not just within specific regions, teams, or departments.

When your global service organization falls short, you’re taking unacceptable risks:

  • Increased downtime means low customer value
  • The cost of service rises, eating into service revenue and profits
  • Market share drops, and your bottom line takes the hit
  • Your customer base - and your brand - are eroded

You can’t rise to the challenges of global service with fragmented functions and geographically targeted tactics. Without a comprehensive, holistic, and truly worldwide approach to service, these risks are magnified.

Imagine, instead, shifting your global service practices from reactive, to predictive, to pre-emptive. Imagine elevating your service offerings from cost-centric, to profit-centric, and ultimately to a real growth engine.


With a true service lifecycle management system that allows your global service network to access a single, up-to-date and easy-to-use source of product, parts and service information…a system that connects people and processes across your entire service network; one that can scale and standardize your operations across your enterprise and globally. It’s how the leaders are winning.

A majority of them provide service lifecycle management functionality to their service technicians:

66% enable the ability to track and update the current status of work orders, while 64% provide access to product schematics and documentation, and 63% provide access to customer and asset service history.

You can’t win, if you continue to rely on manual, disconnected processes and the limited capabilities of ERP and other point solutions to manage service delivery. Global service today is so dynamic, and so complex, that it’s imperative you deploy an SLM system specifically designed for managing that reality.

Today, only PTC can deliver a true service lifecycle management system that measures up to the challenges you face.

PTC’s SLM system connects your entire global organization. Your teams capture valuable insights into product and service performance, using only the most current and complete knowledge. This knowledge increases efficiency in every service area, and provides real intelligence for developing valuable future offerings. And that intelligence feeds back into your product engineering, quality, and production departments – so service processes drive innovation, and fuel a continuous loop of product and service improvements.

Optimized with PTC’s SLM system, your connected global service organization will increase value for your customers, retain and grow service business, build your brand - and boost your bottom line.