PTC Service Knowledge Management

Timely and Accurate Knowledge at the Point of Service

Improving product quality, uptime and customer satisfaction is dependent on having the right knowledge to fix your customer’s issue at the point of service. If your contact center agents or field technicians have to scan piles of service manuals or bulletins to find the information they need to solve a customer’s problem, you’re not solving their service issue fast enough. With the right service knowledge to accurately diagnose and fix your customer’s problems faster, you can boost contact center and field engineer productivity while increasing customer value.

Common challenges of managing service information:

  • Manual and cumbersome processes to find product and service information
  • Cumbersome and inaccurate issue diagnostics
  • Delayed issue resolution
  • Costly and unnecessary service dispatches

The PTC Service Knowledge Management solution is specifically designed to give your customers, dealers, contact center agents and field technicians, timely and accurate knowledge at the point of service. With the PTC Service Knowledge Management solution, you can solve problems that are high in complexity and subjectivity and often require higher learning curves. It features an advanced diagnostic framework that helps you find the correct information to solve your customer’s service issue quickly while avoiding costly and unnecessary dispatches. The PTC Service Knowledge Management solution enables your company to achieve increased service margins while significantly improving the overall customer service experience.

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