PTC Service Depot Management

Streamline Complex Repairs and Depot Management

Managing inbound and outbound operations for warehousing and repair across your network of global depots is challenging. If you don’t have a system in place that can handle complex service operations, it is difficult to meet your customer’s growing service expectations while also keeping operating costs low. By optimizing service depot management, you can track and manage your customer’s returns and repairs in real-time, reduce repair costs and ensure that you are delivering quality service to your customer.

Common challenges of managing depot operations:

  • Manual, disparate processes across multiple locations, causing delayed response time
  • Technology that cannot scale to support growing business
  • Inability to access relevant product information such as repair history

PTC Service Depot Management solution helps you streamline complex repairs and depot management, ensuring that you are able to successfully meet your customer’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With dynamic depot order execution based on real-time conditions and complex order flows, the solution automates repair management to include work order management and parts tracking, as well as management of warehouse processes related to inbound, outflow and inventory management. With PTC Service Depot Management solution, you can effectively manage the four wall operations for warehousing and repair in all of your depots. This helps your service organization reduce the costs of service repairs and fulfillment, decrease inventory carrying costs and increase productivity.

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