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As an IT Executive supporting a leading manufacturing organization you face increased scrutiny to deliver more business value, maintain existing infrastructure and implement bold, new projects all within inadequate budgets. Meanwhile converging trends in cloud, social, mobile and big data compound the complexity while creating opportunities to drive innovation and create product and service advantage.

Argyle Journal: Jonathan Bachman, VP of Product Management for PTC, discusses the "Internet of Things," and how IT executives can drive a company's strategy

PTC provides the interoperability, flexibility and process driven solutions needed to support your changing organization and create measureable business value in shorter times.

Increasingly, a manufacturing organization’s productivity and efficiency is determined by the services and capabilities your IT organization provides. Today’s rapidly changing environment requires a system that is flexible, open, usable and dependable to:

  • ensure interoperability with a growing number of applications
  • improve accessibility and usability for a global workforce (constituency – workforce, partners, customers)
  • guarantee data security while managing costs

With a unique approach that combines deep process expertise, best of breed capabilities delivered through a flexible platform, and a value centric engagement model to ensure adoption and value creation, PTC helps you help your company to achieve product and service advantage.

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Driving Advantage by Addressing Key Business Needs:

As an IT leader in today’s manufacturing world, you are challenged with balancing and impacting these strategic areas of your business:

  • Lowering the cost of IT: Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the systems required to create and service products.
  • Enabling secure, global collaboration: Support the business with a secure internal and external product and service collaboration platform that integrates with multiple systems.
  • Improving business support: Provide systems that enable users to increase product and service quality and efficiency in their daily responsibilities.

PTC also offers solutions for IT executives who manage software development for financial services companies, government agencies and commercial software providers.

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