PTC Retail PLM Solution

On Time. On Trend. On Cost

With the fast-changing dynamics of today’s Retail industry, it’s critical to deliver the right products, at the right price and at the right time. Lack of coordination, both internally and with your partners, can lead to missed trends, excessive markdowns, brand inconsistency and cost overruns.

Listen to PTC’s Howard Heppelmann address the challenges of Retail PLM and how PTC can help.

The proven PTC Retail PLM solution provides visibility across merchandising, design, product development and supply chain to maximize speed, agility, efficiency & margin.

  • 50% increase in design hit ratios
  • 45% reduction in time-to-market
  • 3-5% material cost reduction
  • 20-30% productivity improvements
  • 4 month implementation using optional Value-ready deployments
  • Overview
  • Customer Stories

Comprehensive Retail PLM Capabilities

Globalization is forcing Retail companies to transform the way they do business. Strategic goals are underpinned by business initiatives focused on reducing cycle time, mastering global product development and improving sourcing decisions. Additionally, companies need to be able to realize the value of investments faster than ever before. Best practices have changed and streamlining product development has become the focal point.

Built on PTC Windchill FlexPLM, the PTC Retail PLM solution delivers industry best practices based on PTC’s experience working with two thirds of the market-leading companies. The pre-configuration, out-of-the-box solution can help you manage your company’s complete assortment of products and bring more innovative and profitable products to market, faster.

Comprehensive PLM capabilities include:

  • Merchandising and Line Planning
  • Material, Color and Artwork Development
  • Concept Development and Creative Design
  • SKU and Specification Management
  • Sourcing
  • Quality and Compliance
  • Vendor Portal
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise Performance, Security and Scalability

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