Foundation for Success: Right Requirements, Right Products

CVRx® Manages Risk and Accelerates Time-To-Market

As a privately held company that is venture capital funded, CVRx must move its development projects quickly to clinical trials — without sacrificing quality — due to long regulatory approval cycles. Ultimately, accelerating time-to-market is key to providing a return on investment by expanding or establishing new markets within tight cost constraints.

The XR-1 System is an implantable technology that electrically activated the body's system for regulating blood pressure. Signals are sent to the central nervous system and the body interprets these signals as a rise in blood pressure. In response, the brain then sends signals to dilate blood vessels. This allows blood to flow more freely, reducing the heart rate and encouraging the kidneys to release fluid.

With an aging population worldwide, and an estimated 73 million Americans alone suffering from hypertension-related heart issues -- at an annual cost of $69.4B -- the XR-1 System could have huge ramifications for human health, quality of life, lifespan and the economics of healthcare.

CRVx has realized productivity improvements and improved time to market by compressing development cycles and streamlining regulatory and internal reporting.