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Deliver Better Service at Lower Cost with Better Service Information

Aftermarket services and product support play an increasingly important role for today’s product manufacturers, representing, on average, 25% or more of overall revenue. Some companies have embraced aftermarket services as a core differentiator and have transformed themselves into service-driven businesses with services accounting for more than 50% of revenue. This market transformation is due to the fact that 1) the quality of service and support often determines the success of the product; 2) services offer opportunities for lasting differentiation and improved customer retention; and 3) aftermarket sales and services typically offer higher profit margins than new product sales.

In order to transform their service organization from a cost center to a revenue-generating business, companies need to optimize their processes, enhance their ability to capture customer information, and develop a method for leveraging this information to improve service quality. Information quality and the capability to deliver product- and customer-specific information to service technicians plays a critical role for the success of the organization. Successful service documentation helps technicians quickly diagnose problems and perform maintenance and repair procedures. Ideally, service documentation gives each technician all of the precise and up-to-date information he needs, and only what he needs, in his native language, and in a format that meets his needs.

PTC Delivers an out-of-the-box Solution for Service Information
As with automating any process, an automated publishing solution requires design and implementation. PTC has developed an application of its dynamic publishing software that minimizes or eliminates this initial step, allowing you to get started with a fraction of the cost and time.

Capabilities of PTC Service Manual Application

Support for standard service information types:
The service manual application provides out-of-the-box support for the following information types special to service information:


Automatic Publishing

Interactive Technical Illustrations and Animations (optional)

Content Management (optional)

Out-of-the-box implementation components

Choosing the Right System for all Service Documentation
The service manual application is an application of the PTC Product Development System (PDS). The PDS is the only integral, end-to-end solution for improving service information quality while reducing costs and time-to-market. Because the PDS comes from a single vendor, PTC, it delivers the added benefits of lowest deployment and maintenance costs, reduced risk, and lowest total cost of ownership. While PTC aims to provide superior performance and value from our fully integral solution, we remain committed to open standards so that customers can freely choose any combination of products.

What truly ensures our customers' success is our focus and approach to user adoption. At PTC, we recognize that the success of any new solution hinges on your organization's capacity and commitment to using it. That's why our delivery methodology incorporates a pragmatic adoption approach that helps you overcome the cultural and geographical challenges that companies often face when deploying new solutions.

The service manual application is recommended as the first adoption phase for a dynamic publishing process. With PTC Global Services as your partner, you can build on this application, adding dynamic publishing capabilities for a broad assortment of service document types including operator's manuals, installation manuals, service bulletins, training manuals, parts lists/catalogs and more.

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