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Accelerate Product Development through a Process-Centric Approach

PTC recognizes that the best way to achieve your product development management goals is to take an incremental, targeted approach to improving your product development process. We've broken down product development into a set of critical processes.

Read our perspectives on each of these processes and how PTC can help you optimize them.

Not sure where to begin? Learn how our Product Development System Vision Assessment can help you identify the processes you should target to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

  • Change & Configuration Management
    An effective change and configuration management process allows companies to increase innovation, improve product quality, reduce product cost, and improve time-to-market.
  • New Product Introduction
    Competitive pressures, cost challenges and increased customer expectations are driving companies to improve their new product introduction processes.
  • Portfolio Management
    An integral part of the toolset that product development teams need to successfully create products and execute project plans.
  • Program & Portfolio Management
    Enabling companies to track, manage and share colossal amounts of product and project data in a single environment.
  • Quality and Reliability Management
    Providing support for rapid adoption and consistent and repeatable application of quality improvement methodologies.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Enable organization-wide consistency with standard regulatory compliance processes.
  • Warranty & Contract Management
    Enables closed-loop warranty chain management processes to manage and control all aspects of the warranty processes and related data, including warranty and service analysis.
Sales & Marketing
  • Application Engineering
    Understanding how to implement a streamlined, collaborative, reusable process are keys to creating timely and competitive proposals.
  • Requirements Definition & Management
    Communicate customer requirements to engineering, verify that product designs meet customer needs, and trace product designs back to requirements.
  • Concept Development
    Successfully select the product concepts to pursue during product development and ensure concept designs meet product requirements.
  • Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing
    Understand how companies are engaging with third parties to deliver a system, sub-system or component design, or a set of engineering services to achieve business objectives.
  • Detailed Development
    Fully defined product designs and accurate documentation for manufacturing are crucial to meeting customer demands for high-quality products.
  • System Architecture Design
    A well-thought out system architecture results in better product performance and enables increased design commonality, improved design reuse and field serviceability.
  • Systems Engineering
    Rethink your systems engineering approach in order to accelerate the delivery of innovative products, with fewer resources, while maintaining the highest level of quality across diverse product variants.
  • Variant Design & Generation
    Define and manage multiple design variants to satisfy customer, regional and market-specific needs.
  • Verification & Validation
    Design products right the first time by streamlining the creation and management of product configurations and providing traceability between results and design configurations.
  • Component & Supplier Management
    Enjoy improved product quality and manufacturability by providing designers early access to enterprise and supply chain data and empowering them to make smart part selections.
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing
    Outsourced manufacturing needn't be a challenge for companies seeking to alleviate the pressure to reduce product cost. Gaining visibility into vital information that is dispersed across many continents is achievable.
  • Manufacturing Process Management
    Digitize and automate the manufacturing process management process and electronically integrate it with engineering and production.
  • Tooling Design & Manufacture
    In order to overcome today’s massive cost, time-to-market, and quality pressures, toolmakers must digitize and optimize their tooling design and manufacture process.
  • Technical Information Creation & Delivery
    Concurrently design your products and associated publications to favorably impact your market opportunity, product acceptance, service revenue, and customer satisfaction.
Solutions for Top Business Initiatives
  • Electromechanical Product Development
    Manage the challenges related to concurrent development of electrical, mechanical and embedded software designs to improve design reuse, product cost, time-to-market and product quality.
  • Fast Fashion
    Enabling companies to track, manage and share seasonal line plans and product specifications across a global supply chain.
  • Global Product Development
    Your answer for meeting aggressive product development objectives while working with distributed networks that demand instant access to product and process information throughout the lifecycle.
  • Integrated Digital Environments
    Speed development of complex programs and systems by connecting distributed supplier networks through secure technology.
  • Lean Product Development
    Meet business objectives while systematically making long-term process improvements through a reduction in non value-added steps, smoother information flow, enhanced knowledge capture and continuous learning.
  • Line Planning
    Design, manage and communicate seasonal line plans to successfully deliver fashion right products in shorter cycle times.
  • S1000D, S2000M & SCORM
    Rapidly create, assemble and produce technical product information to meet A&D compliance initiatives for technical publications, provisioning and eLearning.
  • Social Product Development
    Shifting workforce demographics, global teams and major advances in Web 2.0 technologies have converged, creating a need for social computing tools in product development – a phenomenon we call Social Product Development.

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