PTC Multi-CAD Design Solution

Multi-CAD Collaboration or Consolidation

Most engineering organizations work with data from multiple CAD systems. This multi-CAD environment causes challenges in importing and modifying designs while increasing costs associated with managing multiple CAD systems. The PTC Multi-CAD Design solution optimizes your design environment to improve multi-CAD collaboration with suppliers and partners or increase efficiencies through CAD tools consolidation.

Optimize Multi-CAD Environments

Working with design data from multiple CAD systems can result in missed product development milestones, product quality issues, and higher costs for both engineering and IT. Depending on the situation, you may need to more efficiently collaborate with suppliers, partners and other team members using different CAD tools or consolidate your in-house CAD tools to streamline development and reduce costs. The PTC Multi-CAD Solution gives you the flexibility to choose which approach, collaboration or consolidation, is right for your team. And with superior CAD technology that allows you to easily open and modify non-native design files, you can effectively collaborate with partners and suppliers or consolidate to a single platform without losing access to legacy designs. When you can work on all the design data at once, teams are able to conduct fast and frequent design reviews, detect and resolve issues early in the development process and maximize design re-use.

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Efficient Multi-CAD Design

For most companies today, multi-CAD design environments are a reality. Optimizing this multi-CAD environment can provide value whether your goal is to enable better collaboration between teams, suppliers and partners using different CAD systems or to consolidate your design process to a single system.

Often, designers are left with the choice between the complicated importing and fixing of data from different or legacy CAD applications, or simply recreating models in their own application. Either way, this frequently results in design errors and missed deadlines due to the time spent recreating or fixing existing data. This ripples out through the product development cycle leading to poor product quality, longer times-to-market and higher product development and IT costs.

The PTC Multi-CAD Design solution helps organizations to optimize their multi-CAD design environments to either improve design collaboration or drive design software consolidation. Using a combination of award-winning technology and best practices, teams can:

  • Maximize the re-use of valuable legacy data
  • Open non-native CAD data and integrate them into one overall product structure
  • Directly edit design data irrespective of source or format
  • Guarantee secure access to up-to-date design data across the supply chain
  • Leverage designs across the supply chain, irrespective of CAD data format

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Maintain design integrity and make quick changes


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