PTC Materials Compliance Solution

The Conflict Minerals Challenge

The Conflict Minerals rule is the latest in an ever expanding list of material focused government regulations that are driving new customer requirements and supply chain concerns. Keeping current with the increasing pace of change in regulations, product designs, and suppliers, while ensuring that deadlines are met and costs are reduced is an enormous challenge.

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The proven PTC Materials Compliance Solution provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to efficiently ensure compliance with government regulations and customer requirements. It identifies where materials are used in products and supply chains, automates supplier and product data capture, and generates reports to satisfy customers, regulators, auditors, and internal stakeholders. The solution delivers a strategic platform to holistically manage material, part, product and supplier compliance with numerous regulations, as well as other risk related analytics that drive business value well beyond minimizing the cost of compliance. Key benefits include:

  • Enable part, product, and supplier level analysis to ensure compliance with numerous evolving regulations and customer requirements
  • Efficiently collect supplier data using automated data requests, industry standards, custom templates, industry data exchanges and response validation and reporting tools
  • Protect revenue streams by making compliance risk analysis part of standard development processes, including, new part introduction, supplier authorizations and engineering change requests
  • Demonstrate product and supply chain compliance and due diligence for customers and government authorities with detailed, data-rich audit trails and reporting capabilities
  • Regulations
  • Customer Stories
  • Perspectives

Top Manufacturers Rely on PTC for Materials Compliance

With the proven ability to efficiently analyze multiple compliance regulations and identify risk beginning in the earliest stages of the product development process – where decisions have the greatest impact and are least disruptive – PTC has become the market leader across industries.

Companies can manage product and supplier compliance for a range of regulations, including:

Conflict Minerals

The PTC Conflict Minerals Module is designed to meet the critical requirements of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, following the OECD framework and leveraging industry standards. A complete systematic and automated approach enables manufacturers to:

  • Identify the presence of 3TG in parts, products and supply chain
  • Automate the collection and validation of reasonable country of origin inquires (RCOI)
  • Systematically perform due diligence and determine the source of 3TGs from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Assess and report on conflict minerals status in parts, products and suppliers
  • Provide evidence of due diligence and an audit trail history
  • Integrate conflict free initiatives with critically impacted product development processes

REACH and RoHS, Battery Directive, WEEE, ELV, CPSIA and more…

PTC’s Material Compliance solution provides the out-of-the-box technology to ensure compliance across a complete range of regulations. Leverage real-time bill-of-material (BOM) and product data, as well as patented technology for BOM aggregation and analysis to achieve the most accurate diagnoses and reporting available on the market. Manufacturers are enabled to:

  • Stay up to date with changing compliance requirements
  • Track and manage exemption expiration
  • Address supply availability and risk with forward-looking visibility into materials of concern
  • Accurately identify the presence, masses and concentrations of substances and materials in parts, products, suppliers and regions
  • Support and leverage multiple types of data disclosures ranging from Yes/No Certificates of Compliance, to partial disclosures (banned/reportable) to full material content
  • Examine material usage and supply risk to support customer-specific reports and requirements

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