PTC Global Software Development

Software Driving Innovation for Engineered Products

Software is driving an increasing share of the innovation and competitive advantage in engineered products, but this dramatic increase in software creates complexity that needs to be managed.

The PTC Global Software Development solution supports the management of all software development processes and connects all software engineering artifacts, including:

  • Requirements
  • Models
  • Source code
  • Test
  • Defect Tracking
  • Build Management

Traceability is ensured across the entire software development lifecycle to ensure:

  • Quality, compliance, and visibility of artifacts
  • Process and workflow automation
  • Change and configuration management

Collaboration is facilitated across engineering disciplines and throughout the technology supply chain.

  • Overview
  • Customer Stories
  • Perspectives

Solving Global Software Development Challenges

With the increased amount of software in products, companies struggle with visibility to release readiness, as well as handling the exponential growth in product variants while maintaining high quality. In addition, software development is often disconnected from the rest of product development and is not included in design reviews until late in the process.

PTC’s approach to Global Software Development ensures that all software development processes and engineering artifacts are connected, including requirements, system models, source code, and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability. PTC's open architecture integrates disparate tools into a streamlined software system engineering process, allowing orchestration of software change and collaboration across the technology supply chain. Development teams improve productivity and quality, streamline compliance and gain complete product visibility, which ultimately drives more innovative products into the market.


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