Design Agility

Design intelligence and the need for flexible modeling

You need the power to make late-stage design changes quickly and easily, without sacrificing existing design intent. You need the ability to rapidly recognize features and patterns in imported models, enabling seamless modifications. You need to be nimble and agile in your modeling: making direct edits, preserving the intelligence of existing models and applying intelligence to dumb models. You need design agility.

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Agile Design Changes

In this new eBook, industry expert Chad Jackson explains best practices for late stage design changes.

Working with Multi-CAD data

Lifecycle Insights analyst Chad Jackson describes challenges and solutions for working with heterogeneous data.

Multiple Modeling Approaches

Learn how you can design and use data in any modeling mode without losing intelligence or design intent.

Importing and Modifying Data

Learn how the ability to incorporate data from mulitple sources can minimize your work.

Multi-CAD Product Development

In this article, learn how product development can thrive in the reality of multi-CAD environments.

Flexible Modeling Webcast

In this webcast, our product experts discuss flexible modeling use cases and demonstrate solutions.

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