Trends in Concept Design

Concept Design Study Uncovers Opportunities for Improvement

PTC recently conducted a global survey of trends in concept design. We heard from designers, team and process managers, and company and business leaders to learn what's working and what could be improved in concept design. Covering topics such as time and costs, risks, tools, inefficiencies and best practices, find out what your peers are saying about concept design in this free research brief.

What to expect in the Research Brief
  • Importance of concept design. How much weight does concept design carry in other companies?
  • Time and costs. How much time are other manufacturers spending on concept design? And how much of their budgets are already spent when the concept is completed?
  • Risks to a company‚Äôs intellectual property. What risks to IP are manufacturers taking during the concept design phase?
  • Tools and practices. Who's using what tools and how?
  • Inefficiencies. Some teams are creating the same data over and over. Some aren't. What makes the difference?
  • Managing concept designs. Are designs centralized and protected?

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