Concept Design at RKS

RKS Design uses emotion as a starting point for new product design. This episode of the Product Design Show looks at the Kor water bottle and how decisions designers made at the concept stage makes buyers feel better about themselves.

Top Design Company: Why the Software Matters in Concept Design

Concept design, the earliest phase of new product development, determines whether your products are innovative and marketable. But does it really matter whether you start those designs on a napkin or a sophisticated 3D CAD system?

In this 25-minute recorded webcast, award-winning design house RKS Design argues that it does matter. Presented by Lance Hussey, VP and Creative Director, Top Tips for Selecting Concept Design Software looks at product design and the value of concept design tools.

RKS Design is consistently recognized as one of the top 10 industrial design firms in North America. RKS serves clients including Amgen, Epson, Fossil, Hewlett-Packard, JBL, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panavision, and Zyliss.

Register below to view Top Tips for Selecting Concept Design Software, recorded 25 August 2011.

What to expect in this recorded webcast?

Join Hussey for a discussion of product design thought leadership and the importance of concept design tools. Hussey presents tips for encouraging innovation in product development via concept design tools that facilitate:

  • Capturing concepts digitally
  • Rapid idea iteration
  • Managing the process
  • Capturing intellectual property

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Register below to view Top Tips for Selecting Concept Design Software, recorded 25 August 2011.

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